1. Memphis

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I wanna sleep inside your thoughts, rest my head on the words you said, understand the stones that break you
I wanna feel the pain you feel, wanna crawl the roads you walk, I wanna talk the talk you talk
I've seen a flame dance in your eyes, heard a whisper in your cries, begging for a new disguise
You bring a taste I can't resist, I'll bring a face no one will miss, and we'll slowly burn into the night

I wonder if they'll pray for me and dream the dreams that I'll never reach
I wonder if they'll carry on the loneliness crowded on that city street
What do you see from the outside looking in on me, cause I don't think I'll wear this skin again
I hope you think of me when I'm closer to the love I seek cause I'll never be back this way again

I felt the storm closing in, saw the crowd raging on, watched the moon dance to a song
I wanna go but don't wanna ride, wanna run don't wanna hide, one of these days I'll get it right
I wanna see but I'm scared to look, wanna shake but not be shook, wanna know the things that shake you
I wanna turn you inside out, pull the words out of your mouth, I wanna be the one to break you