While keeping one foot planted firmly in the roots of American music, singer/songwriter Brian Martin is forging a distinct path into its future as well. Interweaving old-time country blues and mountain folk music with southern soul, funk and gospel, Martin seamlessly creates a style that he simply refers to as "front porch soul." His burly voice and down home witty tales result in music that is both alluring and enduring for generations young and old. 

     Martin currently lives in a little green cabin in the woods, somewhere in north central Arkansas. He builds songs among the stillness of solitude, and for nearly two decades now has been fortunate to make a living by sharing them with others. At heart he’s a bloodhound poet, buried in the roots, hunting down the scent of the next good idea, and just trying not to shake all of the dirt from the ones he finds.  

     Primarily a solo artist in his earlier years, Martin released his debut album “No Rider” in 2011, a self described bare bones collection of intimate folk songs. He is also a member of Sad Daddy, a fan favorite string swing band based in the region and gaining traction beyond. Since their 2010 inception, the band has released three studio albums and a live album, their most recent, “Way Up In The Hills,” debuting earlier this year. In preparation for his long overdue second solo album, Martin had recently begun performing alongside a revolving cast of supporting musicians and working out the kinks on new material. All while still trying not to shake the dirt off, of course.