From the recording No Rider

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Well the bottom's falling out and the country's full of doubt, and both birds are singing me a tune
I don't care what it takes, I don't care what ties will break, I just wanna be on the right road soon
Well I'm tired of pointing fingers, and I'm tired of laying blame, and it's time I let my free voice ring
I'm tired of empty promises and I'm tired of this old game, and I'm tired of hearing those caged birds sing

Well I wanna be on the right road soon, I wanna be on the right road soon
Well I'm cashing in your promises so deliver me some truth, cause I wanna be on the right road soon

Trade back my education for the arm and leg it cost, while we're broke down on this road to nowhere
I'd rather keep on moving even if it gets me lost, hell I'd probably learn a little more while I'm there
Who's gonna right the wrong, when their holding all the guns, and they're giving us and eye for an eye
And who's gonna hear our song, when the words all come out wrong, and who's gonna share our battle cry

Hypocrisies, monopolies, and bureaucratic policies, well there spinning smoke and mirrors round my head
They rot the roots, and starve the seeds, and hide the forest in the trees, all to keep there machines well fed.