1. County Fair

From the recording No Rider

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If all of the roads go the same direction and all of the signs give the same reflection
why, why do I sit here alone
If the stars in the skies of her eyes are crying and everything alive is slowly dying
what's the use in pushing on
If the pain don't sting and the blood don't flow, if the wounds don't seal and the scars don't show
then how we gonna learn to move on
If ya get lost or led astray and all the dead ends start to look the same
I hope my love will lead you home

Maybe letting go is the only way we can hold on
Maybe we gotta lose our way just to find where we belong
Maybe moving on is the only way to bring you home
But it's probably gonna be another long cold night alone

Well if the day slips by and the sun drips low and a little more dough in your hand is all you got to show
you've got nothing to show
Well it seems these days in our wants and our ways, we're two rats racing through the craze of a cruel world's maze
Running till we fade away
And the struggles we consume keep us quick on the go, and the love we hide gets lost in the love we show
There ain't no room for love to grow
I need a mountain to love you need a mole hill to leave, we dove into a puddle and we found it was as deep as the sea
But not the one that swept you from me