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Got mud on my boots, I got mud on my memory, mud on my thoughts on this world I don't know
You tell all your tales and you sell all your secrets, when all eyes are on you you've nothing to show

Love is a blind man, love is a poor girl, love is discretion being tossed to the wind
A face full of hard times, a head full of gray skies, a day without echoes and a night that won't end

But where's the emergency exit door. The loves of my life are crumbled up on the floor
You tell me you love me I tell you what for, cause once I am gone I'll be gone for good.
Once I am gone it's for good

Youth's on the corner, he gives me the finger, death's at my door step preaching heaven and hell
Hopes in a trash bag, down by the curbside, health's in the mailbox and wishing me well