1. Dogs

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All our words are heavy, all the meaning lost, I'd trade flesh for soul no matter what it cost
All our lies are new, all our tears are old, all the nights are long, when all the roads back home are closed

All our saving graces, all our hidden fears, all our holes revealed when the light shines down here
I won't cave in easy but I'll cave in just the same, won't crash into your body like I'll crash into your brain

I ain't gonna call the dogs off of you and me just yet. We made this bed of lies and now we gotta sleep on it.
We dig our holes deeper just to bury more regret. I ain't gonna call the dogs off of you and me just yet.

There's dreamers quitting dreams, strangers loving blind. Lonely hearts unguarded creeping through that firing line
We've no commitment needed, let em all label us. Watch em gather round as we paint this town with a brand new coat of dust

Got no patience for your pleading. Got no time for your tears. You cry out for forgiveness. But it sounds like a whisper to my ear.